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Winter Pictures

"You can't do that in my country."
This is a long-range shot of the bulls grazing a winter pasture.  In January we picked up eight inches of snow and ice that stayed on the ground for a week.  It resulted in two inches of needed moisture.  By mid-February the winter pastures started growing vigorously and we can still say that none of the cattle received any hay, grain, cubes, or protein licks.

Superior Genetics Starts with a
Superior Breed and Superior Cows
The cows didn't receive any preferential treatment either.  Here they are grazing weeping lovegrass in eight inches of snow and ice.  Every year folks tell us that if we have a bad winter we'll have to feed hay.  They're right.  But our management plan doesn't focus on a worse case scenario nor a best case scenario.  To us, hay is for emergencies.  And we'll buy some and use it in an emergency.  But our plan is to do without it.

Bull Calves:  Making it on . . . ummm, ahhh, let's see........

But this is only part of what it takes to be a Slanker Bull.  When these calves grow up they'll know how to range, they'll be healthier, they'll live longer more productive lives, and breed more cows than bulls that were pampered.

Raising cattle without supplements is not an isolated decision.  It involves every aspect of beef cattle management.  To find out more about our approach visit the various pages on this site and go to: