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Why Forage-Raised Bulls Are Better

      Feeding Bulls for maximum gain post weaning is one of the worst management practices in the business.  It's great for image and bragging rights at the coffee shop, but it shortens the productive lives of the bulls and their ability to perform while they are alive.  When you buy a grain-fed bull you pay the price over and over.  You want your bulls to work.  Forage-raised bulls do that.
      The cartoon was in Kit Pharo's bull sale catalog.  It was sent to him by Stuart Shirley, from Melstone, Montana.  Needless to say, Kit Pharo (Cheyenne Wells, Colorado, 800-311-0995) is big on "doability."  (As you can see, we "doctored" the story line a little to make our point.)
      Slanker Bulls have been raised 100% on grass:  No hay, no grain, no cubes and no protein licks; 365 days a year.  These bulls can work because they are like conditioned athletes.  And unless you breed cows on a rock pile, Slanker Bulls will probably gain weight during breeding season while covering more cows than the fat bull who's nursing sore feet, arthritic problems, and other maladies.
       Why search further.  Call us today and get a bull that will work for you in serviceability, genetic capability, and at the pay window.
      Another big reason why a cattleman should avoid grain-fattened bulls is the Corpulent Taurus.

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