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Making it on Grass!
May 1999
January 2000

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This is a 100%, Forage-Raised Bull.
He's a Real Bull, Just Ask Him.

Meet 24L.  Yeah, a Real Bull.  This picture was taken May 15, 2005.  Yes, this is a little history lesson.  Because following the great bulls are even better great bulls.  The bulls we offer today are descendants of the bulls pictured on this Home page.  As with all our bulls, 24L never had any hay, grain, cubes, licks, or feeds of any kind his entire life -- from conception to his last day.  He was 100% forage raised on pasture.  Bulls like him can do their thing on grass whether it's 12 degrees out with eight inches of snow and ice covering everything or it's 110 degrees out and dry, dry, dry.  The bulls we sell have performance bred into them -- not fed into them.  They are not pampered.  And they had to have passed the "course."

24L on September 27, 2006 during breeding season on short grass.
This is what I call and "easy keeper."

The young bull pictured during breeding season below was another up and coming herd sire.  The picture was taken on September 4, 2006.  (Note how short the grass is for a rotationally grazed pasture.)  The previous winter saw a severe drought that had our region of Texas in the "exceptional" category.  During the spring months we had a few rains that did not replenish the subsoil moisture and then another extended drought period that by the end of August was more severe than the drought during the winter.  As with all our bulls 29N was never been fed anything.  He had to make it on grass no matter what the conditions.  29N was 13.19% inbreed -- making him a linebred bull.  His descendants roam the range today.

Below is a real cow that has never been fed anything her entire life.
100% pasture raised.  Dare you try this with your cows?
This is SLANKER 38H 17L.  Click here for pedigree.

Below is 22U a newer herd sire at work near the end of the 2011-2012 breeding season.  He had a duel breeding season that covered both the 2011 drought and another one during the winter.  In both cases the only supplementation (including the cows) was mineral.  No hay, no grain, no cubes, no licks, no nothing.  Notice the poor condition of this particular "pasture."  We do not feed in the quality, we breed in the quality.

Slanker 32P 22U
Calving Date 6/27/08
Inbreeding Coefficient 22.7%

Balanced Traits
Environmentally Tested
100% Forage-Raised
Superior Genetics for
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